This Wild Romance is for the adventurous, creative and laid-back duo. They live for the spontaneous moments that are crazy and fun. They laugh loud and love deeply. Our Brides and grooms are authentically cool, free-spirited, wanderlust dreamers. They would rather wear something they can move and shake in than a stiff dress. They love the wind in their hair and the bright smiles on their faces.

When you choose to be apart of This Wild Romance you get to explore new places and create as a team. We are here to listen to your story. The magic happens when you let go of what is expected of you and give in to what truly makes you happy!

About me

I’m a full-time wedding photographer based out of Southern California specializing in small weddings and adventurous elopements. On the side I am a spin instructor at Grit Cycle so come ride baby! I absolutely love to travel, rad coffee shops, The Office, spreading Jesus’ love to everyone I meet and laughing my face off. I see the world through the perspective of the 70’s where everything around me is warm and creamy and the soft hum of Led Zeppelin is playing in the background. I love snowboarding and the mountains and I love Whole Foods. It’s the little things in life ya know?

Most of the summer you will catch me with my shoes off at the beach or exploring the mountains. And the rest of the year I will be in Doc Martens chasing sunlight with a film camera in one hand and my fancy schmancy camera in the other.


Meet the Team

Madie Wisler

Chief Assistant Babe of all the babes and handler of all organization and scheduling. She is the queen of answering emails quickly and setting the calendar efficiently. She is the first line of defense when we get inquiries from our rad couples and makes sure we are available for your date. She reposts all our couples gorgeous photos we get tagged in ( our favorite) and will create little instagram story blog posts for each of your shoots.

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Shane & Brooke

Ok. I'll just say, right off the bat, that if you are looking for a photographer for an upcoming wedding, just stop reading this review right now and book Sarah. Like now, now. She's that awesome. Having Sarah as our photographer was one of the most amazing, incredible, and wonderful experiences we could dream of for our wedding, and we were truly blessed to have someone so warm, friendly, and talented to help sprinkle even more magic fairy dust on our big day. Make us feel happy and comfortable? Check. Handling the bridal party, family, and all members of your wedding with grace, care, and precision? Check check. Shoot some of the most beautiful, jaw-dropping photos you've ever seen in general, let alone of a wedding? Check check check. In closing, Sarah is as good as it gets across the board. 10/10. No, 11,10. Thanks, Sarah. You're a rockstar.

Elaina & Cody

Okay, okay guys. This is an Angel on EARTH! Sarah did our engagement pictures and she’s doing our wedding pictures next July and I couldn’t be more happy with our decision! She’s such a carefree spirit and so kind that it makes the whole thing soooo much fun! The awkwardness of getting your photo taken is simply gone in an instant! HIRE HIRE HIRE Sarah and her team, I promise you it will be the best wedding decision you make.. ever.

Danielle & Alex

I went through HUNDREDS of photographers online, and no one measured close to her quality, style, and EYE for a good shot. Knowing how to pose people is so so so important, and no matter how awkward you are, this girl KNOWS how to help you loosen up and pose in a natural way that never looks "posed." You honestly just follow her simple instructions to connect with each other and be yourselves, and somehow, just like that, it's the most beautiful photo you've ever taken together. She is the cutest, funniest person ever, and you can tell she loves what she does! Not only did we get the album of our dreams from this shoot, we had so much fun with Sarah and could not have felt more comfortable. Her warm and inviting energy makes you feel so safe, and immediately upon arriving she gave us a little pep talk and turned us from the most camera-shy couple to actual models in minutes (lol). I really don't know how she did it because I'm someone who doesn't even know how to smile for a photo. I am so beyond excited to have Sarah shooting my wedding in two months, and I can't wait to just laugh hysterically and feel all the love, all over again. xx