Ash + Josh Mountain Top Engagements



Wedding Anniversary: 12/14/13

Favorite Part of Relationship: My favorite part to my relationship with my Husband is seeing the Man & Father he has become since May 10,2017. the day our daughter Arya Reign was born. I will never forget the words that came out his mouth when he first heard her cry “Babe she’s absolutely perfect.” (Is was the first time I’d see him cry) Being able to see my daughter grow up everyday surrounded by a fathers true love, nothing can ever compare. 💕

Why I Liked this post: The beauty and simplicity that was captured in the photos made you feel as if you knew them and how much they truly loved each other.
The fact that you can capture a couples tru love for each other and allow someone who doesn’t even know them feel the feelings they feel in just a photo is an absolute gift from God! 💕

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