Elaina + Cody Golden Hills Engagements


Instagram name: ryry7
Date: Oct.12, 2019
I couldn’t choose so I’ll tell you my top 2 favorite parts of our relationship. He still gives me the cozy, butterfly feelings that I had when we started to date back in high school. My other favorite part is that he is truly my best friend in the whole world, and no matter how crazy my ideas are he is always beside me cheering me on. I absolutely love this post because the colors and the view are amazing. Also because the couple looks so in love and enjoying each others company. (:

IG: karly_cesario
Date: June 29, 2018

My favorite part of my relationship with Tyler is that he is always challenging me to be my beat self. We started dating while still in school and he has always believed in me and not only been supportive but challenged me to rise to the occasion. I think that our partnership has Changed me for the better and I hope to always keep growing together. I love all your shoots because you have captured this couple and others in their candid moments together in such an amazing way. They feel very natural and relaxed and captuer the affection of each couple beautifully.

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