Elizabeth + Tommy Free Spirit Beach Engagements


@bailsmarie. Tentative February 2020. My favorite part of my relationship with Brett is that no matter what our argument is he can say one thing and have me bust out laughing! I love this post because I see how these 2 people truly love each other with how uninhibited they are in front of the camera – almost like a photo isn’t being taken of them it’s so natural!

Our wedding is May 25th! My favorite part of our relationship is just that we are the best of friends, and make whatever we are doing together so fun !! He makes me laugh on a daily basis and I just love him so. I liked this post, because Ben was born and raised in Cali, and we both love the beach! He likes to surf, and I like to sit and take it all in 🙂

Instagram name- @madgott
Wedding Date- September 7,2019
Favorite part about our relationship- How he’s my person + we always root for each other whether its our alumni matter or everyday life.
Why I love the post I choose- Absolutely love the natural tones and white, clean feel!

Dakota and I’s wedding date is on the 25th of April 2020 at Serendipity Gardens. We chose a later date due to the venue not having much availability, and we wanted to be able to really enjoy our engagement and live in the moment with each other and not rush any of this special time in our lives. We are so beyond excited for our special day, at a place we absolutely fell in love with. Dakota and I have been together since 2013 (well if you don’t want to count the other years of just having major crushes on each other all throughout highschool haha) but he is my high school sweetheart and my absolute best friend. He was the first guy I met moving into a brand new town, starting high school for the first time. And now he’s my last guy. My favorite part of my relationship with Dakota is that we truly learned what the true meaning and definition of being best friends and in love is. I know people hate when people say this, but we hardly fight. ever. And its true. And if we do, its probably over him not putting his clothes in the laundry basket fully… ha! He is my Best friend. My soulmate. My forever. We are so meant to be. We are only 4 days apart, and we were born in the same hospital. I love that. A reason why I chose this blog post is because you can truly see the love this couple has for each other in these beautiful photos that were captured. You can see how much he makes her laugh and smile and it reminds me so much of our relationship. I love the rawness and true love with the couples within their photos, and i’m so excited for Dakota and I to share this moment, along with all the other special ones. We just moved into our first home together and I’ve been wanting to fill all of those walls with professional pictures of us to truly make it feel like our home. We’ve never had professional pictures taken of us, but we sure do try. (thanks Pinterest) We love capturing special moments with pictures of us. But having pictures done professionally would truly be a dream. There is so much to do and plan with our wedding, and winning this giveaway would mean everything to us. Thank you <3

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