Melissa + Tommy Laguna Beach Engagements


I love all the action shots where you can not only see the ocean but the beautiful background as well. My Fiance and I are getting married on Oct 11, 2019 and we are drawn to the beach. One of our favorite things to do and ride bikes to the beach and stop in every dive bar on the way

Lauren Hughes

Instagram Name: laurenshughes_

Wedding Date: Thursday,March 26th, 2020 at Ole Hanson Beach Club

Favorite part of my relationship: Jack and I have been dating for six years, but have been friends for ten. We are extremely compatible and genuinely love being around each other. My favorite part of our relationship is how natural and effortless it is. I couldn’t imagine spending my life with anyone else by my side. We have lived in three different states together,and are always willing to dive into the next adventure without hesitation. We moved to California from Chicago, Illinois about a year ago, and are enjoying exploring our new state and everything it has to offer! The best days are spent hiking with Jack and Rory(our dog) while seeking out the next adventure.

Why I like the post I chose: The dog drew me in! Jack and I have a three year old German Shepherd named Rory, and she is the light of our lives! She is going to be a big part of our wedding day, and I can’t wait to put her flower crown on and have her run down the isle! Rory keeps us active and curious, we don’t like to leave the house without her if we can help it! In addition, the photos captured above really show how fun and happy the couple is. They are beautifully done! I cannot wait to have these moments captured with my fiance! I would cherish them for a lifetime.

I love beach engagement shots, but especially these.
My fiancé and I have a deep-engrained history in our relationship of going to the beach, walking any pier, and especially having our morning coffee together.
But the day before he first told me that he loved me, we were at the San Clemente pier where a couple was having engagement photos done and he said ‘Hey, one day that will be us’.
Here we are, 2 years (and many coffee and beach walks later!) and we are getting married on October 5, 2019 in San Juan Capistrano!

Instagram name: @karyssajean
Wedding Date: 11/9/2019

Hi there! 🙂 picking just one post was such a challenge, all of your photos are pure magic! I was immediately drawn to this couple first because of their dog (my fiancé Caleb and I have a 2 year old Aussie who has us wrapped around her finger, er, paw!) but as soon as I started scrolling through their images, I was deeply captivated by the love, happiness, playfulness and sheer admiration for one another that you captured! Literally freezing time for them to travel back to for a lifetime! My favorite part about my relationship with Caleb is our deeply ingrained love of adventure and surprising one another! We stopped giving material gifts for birthdays and holidays after year 1 and instead surprise each other with a weekend getaway adventure and it’s the absolute best! It’s clear that capturing the uniqueness of each couple and the things that make them, them is your thing and having wedding photos that articulate our love and excitement about the adventure that we are embarking on so clearly would be nothing short of a dream!

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