Tiffany + Scott Engagements


Hi- great name 😉 my Instagram name is @sarah_chap and my fiancé and I are getting married May 25, 2019! I chose Scott and Tiffany’s engagement photos because I feel like I can understand their love for each other through the photos and also because my fiance and I are high school sweethearts, just like them. My favorite part of our relationship is what we have been through together and how much we have grown individually. No matter what, there is constant support and an understanding that we will always want the best for one another and never hold each other back from our dreams individually and as a couple.

For the contest we are actually looking for engagement photos. We are doing destination wedding so we have already set up the photographer for that. We want someone that will be able to capture 10 years of love and passion in just a few photos and we feel like you would be the perfect fit.

Hope to hear from you soon 🙂

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